Alligator Shear FJD-250
Jiangyin Hydraulic’s Alligator Shear FJD-250 are more and more popular at home and abroad which has low cost , high quality and convenient
  • Introduction & Parameter
As the name suggests, Alligator shearing machine is a resemblance to crocodile and its blades move like jaws of the reptile. Jangyin Metallurgy shear is an ideal device for metal recycling which can cut cable, steel plate etc. to certain length. It is applied in recycling companies, automobile dismantling plants, smelting and casting industry to cold shear all shapes of profile steels and all kinds of metals into qualified furnaces. With longer functional life, less wear & tear and resistance against corrosion, Jiangyin Metallurgy shear gains great reputation among our global clients.

1. Alligator shears adopt whole steel structure, good strength and rigidity
2. Hydraulic drive, simple operation and easy maintenance.
3. Different levels of force and blade lengths are available to meet users with different requirements: shear force from 63 to 315 tons and blade lengths from 600mm to 1200mm.
4. No footing bolts are needed. There's diesel engine driven if no electricity is available.
5. The top beam is directed by three point roller with consumable hardened liners for slightest wear.

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Parameter Value
Name FJD-250
Main cylinder Press cylinder
Nominal pressure 2500kn 190kn
Cylinder inner diameter Φ220mm Φ110mm
Piston rod diameter Φ140mm Φ65mm
stroke 340mm 110mm
System working pressure High 25Mpa, low 16Mpa
motor 22kw
pump 160YCY14-1B
Shearing frequency 10~20times/min (unload)
Blade length 800mm
Max. blade opening 390mm
Max. cutting size 30*500mm (steel)
Machine weight About 6ton
Control system Manual/PLC automatic
Machine dimension Host: 2150*1000*1200mm
Oil tank: 1450*1450*1200mm
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