Baling Press YDT-250A
Jiangyin Hydraulictakes clients as the god trying best to satisfy all kinds of their requirements to manufacture theBaling Press YDT-250A
  • Introduction & Parameter
Jiangyin Metallurgy Hydraulic baling presses are applied in steel mills, recycling plants, ferrous and non-ferrous smelting industries to press scrap metal (steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, discarded automobiles, etc.) into acceptable furnace charges in shapes of cuboids, cylinders and octagons.

There are cutting blades on all three sides of the loading box so that oversized sheets and sections can be handled with ease. The metal recycling baler is built for speed, with hard wear plates in the bale box, a return-line filter which reduces wear and tear on hydraulic components. The combined features of YD metal baler result in a low-cost, reliable and effective machine.

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Parameter Value
Name YDT-250A
Main cylinder pressure 2500kn
Side cylinder pressure 950kn*2
Door cylinder pressure 500kn
Lock-door cylinder pressure 200kn*2
Bale-out cylinder pressure 200kn
System working pressure High 25Mpa, low 16Mpa
Host overall dimensions 5640*3400*2500mm (L*W*H)
Density ≥2t/m3
Press box size 2000*1200*1000mm
Bale size 450*450mm
Bale weight 160~330kg
Output in one shift 28~38t/8h
Machine weight About 22ton
Motor Model Y225M-6
Rated power 30kw
Rated speed 970r/min
Power specs 380V, 50HZ (changeable)
Pump Model 160YCY14-1B
Nominal displacement 160ml/r
Rated pressure 31.5Mpa
Control system Manual operation
Delivery One 40HC container could load one set
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