Baling Shear MBS
As the largest Baling Shear MBS manufacturer in china, Jiangyin Hydraulic sales quality Baling Shear MBS to customers all over the world.
  • Introduction & Parameter
Hydraulic scrap metal baler shear heavy duty machine !

Product description
The MBS hydraulic scrap metal baler shear is awesome weapon for medium processor, with its energy saving system and high production/weight ration providing a cost-effective means for customers.

It is suitable for the steel plants, recycling companies, ferrous & non-ferrous metal smelting industry to compress metal scrap (steel parings, waste steel, waste copper & aluminum, waste stainless steel, scrap from discarded automobiles) into acceptable furnace charges of cuboids, cylinders, octagons & other shapes, so as to reduce the cost of transportation & smelting, to speed up furnace charging.

We develop several models for different situations. For oversea customers, we develop a elite mode, which occupy a much less space during transportation, save cost by over 50%, and a much less weight (20% less). Our main goal is to provide customer satisfaction, with mission of “grow up with our customers”. And for this reason all of our products and services are well-thought out and projected starting from an attentive analysis of their necessity and application. From here, these machines are built with the best materials and technologies available.

1. Hydraulic drive, Siemens PLC control with smart touch interface.
2. Bale-discharging: “turn-out”, big square metal cutting shearer equipped.
3. Adjustable, pressing room to feed large size scrap.
4. Camera monitoring system.
5. Remote controlling system.
6. Various customization.
7. Energy saving system.
8. Doesn’t require foundations. MBS baler shear takes 20% less space, do not require foundations or need special installation permits.
9. The resistance plates are 20%~30% heavier than our competitors, indicating the extra strengthening and wear resistance built into every machine we make.

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Technical specifications
Model Shearing force Blade length Cutting frequency Length of chamber Bale size (W*H)
MBS-500 500ton 800mm 4~6times/min 4800mm 650*550mm
MBS-630 630ton 800mm 4~6times/min 6200mm 720*650mm
MBS-800 800ton 800mm 4~6times/min 6200mm 720*650mm
MBS-1000 1000ton 1000mm 3~5times/min 6200mm 840*720mm
MBS-1250 1250ton 1000mm 3~5times/min 8000mm 840*720mm
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