Dual-Type Briquetting Press WBJ-DB50
As the largest Briquette press machine,Briquetter,Briquetting press manufacturer in china, Jiangyin Hydraulic sales quality Briquette press machine,Briquetter,Briquetting press to customers all over the world.
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Every day, your manufacturing process produce loose scrap, like turnings, filings, chips and shavings, that takes up valuable space. To maintain a clean, safe workplace, our new ECO-DAUL series  series briquetting press could help.

Briquetting your scrap can reduce the volume as much as 90%, making scrap more economical to recycle or sell to foundries. It also help you to reclaim fluids, like oil, lubricants and other liquids.

Jiangyin Metallurgy offers a number of press to meet your requirements. We offer free pressing tests using your materials. All SBJ systems can be automatic, allow for integration into existing lines.

In 2018, we launch the new ECO-DAUL series briquetting press, features as follows:
1)Avoid secondary installation, when you get the machine, you just need to add hydraulic oil and connect electricity.
2)Compact space,
3)More efficient , faster and safer

4)Suitable for aluminum, woods chips and so on.

5)With cutting fluid recycling equipment

6)suitable for 24 hours fully automatic operation


1.Size of briquette: Φ180*(130~160)mm
2.Density: ~2.0-2.2t/ m³
3.Weight of briquette:(6~8)kg/briquette
4.Productivity: 4-5blocks/min
6.Output in one shift:(12-16)t/8h

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