Grantry shear LMJ-500
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Grantry shear LMJ-500
Gantry hydraulic shear machine is mainly suitable for processing large quantities of scrap steel, the plate, nickel plate, copper and various profiles cut into a variety of small size, can completely replace flame cutting, reduce processing costs. Materials: such as round steel, square steel, channel, angle, I-beam, steel, steel and other scrap metal.
Grantry shear LMJ-500-Shear Part
Grantry shear LMJ-500-Feeding Box
Grantry Shear LMJ-Feeding cylinder
Grantry Shear LMJ-500-Tank & Water Cooler

Parameters of LMJ-500 Shear machine

No. Items Parameters
1 Shearing cylinders Shearing force 5000kn
2 Pressing cylinders Pressing force 1000kn
3 System working pressure 25Mpa
4 Power supply 380V/3ph,50hz
5 Main motors 45kw*3
7 Box size 5000*1600*600(L*W*H) Customized length
8 Pushing Stroke 5000mm
9 Blade length 1600mm
10 Pressing open height H:600mm
11 Shearing open height H:600mm
12 Shearing angle
13 Pushing spead 16m/min
15 Shearing speed ~3 times/min
16 Effcience 13~15 tons/h
18 Oil Tank size 3 CBM (3000L)
19 Weight of machine 40tons
20 Controlling Automatic PLC with remote control
21 Others with Ladder
22 Shear specifications Scrap metal materials, such as scrap steel plate thickness 60mm
23 Optional Configuration oil heater
water or air cooler cooler

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