Vertical non-metal Baler
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  • Introduction & Parameter
Jiangyin Metallurgy vertical baler is one of the most versatile baler in our baling press machine collection. Configured with top protection level of electrical components and coating, it is capable of processing soft waste including cardboard, paper, cans, bottles, rags, film and soft packaging,etc. With press force range from 10 tons to 20 tons, and bale size up to 800*600*800mm, bales produced by these vertical balers can weight from 20kg-100kg each. The compaction ratio of our vertical baler can reach up to 12:1, compared to large baling press machines, Yejin vertical baler produces much smaller bales than traditional bales and it is easier for storage and transportation. Depending on the volume of waste each day, we’re sure there’s a multi-purpose baling press machine suitable for you and have much savings on your waste collection.

Baling Press Application: paper, cardboard, film, plastic bottles, chemical drums, tin cans, empty paint tins, textile, fiber, foam, bagasse, and any other soft packaging.

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Model Application Boundary Dimension(L*W*H)(cm) Bale Size (L*W*H)(cm) Bale Weight  (kg) Power  (kw)
FYD-15FZ waste paper, straw 125*82*220 115*75*70 >200 4
FYD-25X knitting wool 160*65*370 98*42*60 >100 7.5
FYD-25M waste cotton, PET bottle 160*65*370 100*50*(60~80) >100 7.5
FYD-40M waste plastic 170*69*370 110*60*80 >250 11
FYD-63YF clothing 360*80*450 74*34*35 50 7.5
FYT-63YF clothing 244*136*515 110*65*(400~800) >250 7.5
FYD-63KL waste cotton, PET bottle 160*65*450 100*50*80 150~200 15
FYD-100KL waste aluminum cans, plastic 700*500*1200 700*500*(400~700) 150~200 15
FYD-100FZ waste paper 147*124*383 115*90*(70~90) >300 15
FYT-100FZ waste paper 147*120*360 115*90*100 >500 18.5
FYD-160S plastic 172*282*453 110*110*(50~100) >250kg 7.5+22
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